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Indie Dyed Yarn Kit - Blue to Purple Gradient - Plant Based - Hand Dyed - Semi Solids - Bamboo Cotton - DK Light Worsted 3 Ply - Vegan

Indie Dyed Yarn Kit - Blue to Purple Gradient - Plant Based - Hand Dyed - Semi Solids - Bamboo Cotton - DK Light Worsted 3 Ply - Vegan

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Are you a fan of vibrant, semi-solid blues and purples? I have just the kit for you! Contains 5 beautiful shades that form a stunning gradient...sapphire blue, sky blue, light lapis blue, lavender, and light violet...these colors are perfect for any season! These gorgeously vibrant blues and purples are just what you need for your next gradient or ombre project! Order the mini skein kit (53 yds in each skein) for a hat or cowl or the small skein kit (160 yds in each skein) to make a small baby blanket, a small poncho, or a long scarf and matching hat.

Skein Specs:
~Fiber Content: 51% Cotton/ 49% Bamboo Rayon
~Gauge: approx. 20 sts per 4“ on US 7-9 or 4.5-5.5 mm
(Mini Skeins): 53 yds / 48 meters
(Small Skeins): 160 yds / 146 meters
~Weight: DK/Light Worsted
(Mini Skeins): 23 grams / 0.81 oz.
(Small Skeins): 70 grams / 2.46 oz.
~Care Instructions: Hand wash cold. Lay flat to dry.
~Streak Meter Level (see below): Varies from Medium
to High, depending on color...all colors in
this kit have beautiful color variation, but the purples
definitely have the most!
~Streaks to: Both lighter and darker shades

All of my plant-based yarns are dyed in my smoke-free, meticulously clean home, using professional grade fiber-reactive dyes. Colors are fixed with chemicals to provide long-lasting vibrancy and permanence.

These yarns are dyed in small (8-16 oz.) batches. Because of this, there will be slight color variations from one dye lot to the next. When using multiple skeins of the same color in your project, you are encouraged to alternate skeins every few rows.

This bamboo/cotton blend is lightweight, and luxuriously soft. It’s perfect for any project for baby, or for soft winter wearables of any kind. It’s a little on the ‘fuzzy’ side and does shed a bit while being knit or crocheted, but it holds up well to washing and should not shrink if handled according to the care instructions above. I would caution against combining very dark colors with very light colors as there could be some color bleed between light and dark, particularly if washing in warmer water.

My semisolid collection is perfect for fans of the color variation inherent in hand dyed fibers, as no two skeins are exactly alike. I created the streak meter to help you select the perfect yarn for your specific project needs. Many of the colors in this collection are nearly solid, and many others contain so many streaks that they appear almost tie dyed!

Very Low: Contains few or no streaks. As close to a true solid as a semisolid can be!

Low: Contains infrequent streaks, with low to moderate variation in color.

Medium: At least 20-30% streaked with moderate color variation.

High: Contains frequent to very frequent streaks with abundant variation in colors.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my colors! Make someone's day bright today!

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