Can these yarns be washed and dried?

Please don't let your wears get stinky! :) Yes, my yarn is perfectly washable but do please follow the care instructions you will find on your labels. Darker colors may bleed slightly on the first few washes.

I highly encourage you to not combine very light colors with very dark colors, and it's rarely a good idea to wash hand dyed yarn in water any warmer than lukewarm. In most cases, it's best to lay your items flat to dry in a single layer, and avoid the harshness of the dryer or the tendency for things to snag your beautiful work!

What if the colors look different when I receive my package than they looked on my screen?

While I make every attempt to accurately depict colors with my photography, no two electronic devices are alike in the way the colors will appear to you when you're shopping.  It's an excellent idea to view a listing on 2 separate screens (1 mobile and 1 desktop, if possible) prior to ordering. If you love the color twice, you're likely to love it even more when you receive it!

That being said, if your yarn arrives and you aren't in love with the colors, contact me ASAP about sending it back for a refund. If it comes back in its original condition I'm happy to exchange or refund it!

Will projects made with your cotton yarn shrink?

The short answer is, "not if washed according to the care instructions provided". This yarn should be washed in cool water and laid flat to dry. You might be interested to know, though, that the yarn is handled at very high temperatures for a brief period while dyeing and rinsing, so any minimal shrinkage that could happen has probably already occurred well before you're using the yarn in a project.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Most orders will ship in 3-5 business days, so please add that time frame to the time it takes the USPS (First Class or Ground Advantage for smaller orders and Priority Mail for larger ones) to deliver your package to you. This is anywhere from 3-5 days for domestic (US) up to 21 days to Canada, and 4 weeks to Australia. Potential shipping delays will be longer and more frequent around the holidays.

Occasionally, I will have everything you ordered on-hand to ship right away. If this is the case for your order, your items should ship in 1-2 business days but if I have yarn to dye-to-order for you, it will take longer. Please note that the drying time alone for indie-dyed fibers (especially my light worsted weight yarn) is 36-48 hours.

How different are your different dye lots?

This will vary from color to color but darker shades typically have more variation between dye lots than lighter colors.

Please be aware that I dye in VERY small batches, in order to give every strand of fiber the TLC it deserves and to ensure even distribution within each batch. At this time I am only able to offer 960 yards (16 oz) of the same dye lot.

If you are in need of more than 960 yards of the same lot, I might be able to accommodate your request but I'm currently not dyeing in larger batches than that. If your project uses high amounts of the same color, I recommend alternating skeins every few rows.

Hand dyed yarn skeins are truly one-of-a-kind!

Why is hand dyed yarn more expensive than what my craft store carries?

In short, it's all the love!

Hand dyed fibers like mine are typically dyed in very small batches and given lots of special attention and handling. Every strand of yarn you'll find in my shop is in the care of my hands for no less than 3 hours. This ensures accurate and even color distribution and absorption, complete rinsing of excess dye and elimination of salt residue, and the time needed to beautifully wind, measure for length, and weigh every skein of yarn prior to packaging and shipping. You won't find any surprises like knots or splicing in my yarns, only beautiful color and predictable quality and softness.